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Fermented Milk Products | The Delicious Milky Way

Do you enjoy a creamy yogurt or a smooth delicious cheese that makes your mouth water. Who doesn’t? A common complaint is that healthy food is boring and tasteless. Not true. Fermented milk products prepared on full-fat milk or cream are delicious. Let me show you a few examples of good choices if you wanr to buy and try.

Fermented milk products

Below is a list of fermented diary products to assist you in making wise choices. Raw Farm has a great collection of raw cheese and kefir. All the images refer to their products. I don’t think you will regret trying a few of them.


Most supermarkets have a dazzling array of yogurt products. But most are loaded with sugar and with little or no live bacteria.

fermented milk products
There are many excellent cheeses

A much better choice is plain, unflavored, full-fat, unsweetened yogurt like Greek yogurt with live microorganisms. Such yogurt has a creamy, full taste. Homemade yogurt is great.

Aged cheese

Much commercial hard cheese and low-fat cheese is not that great and with poor taste.

Better choices are blue cheese and aged full-fat hard cheeses. We love the full-flavored cheese French Roquefort Camembert, Comte, and Morbier; Italian Taleggio; many Swiss cheeses are also creamy and full-flavored!

Raw kefir is absolutely delicious


Kefir is an ancient fermented milk products produced by adding yeast and bacteria to milk (cow, goat, sheep, coconut). Try making kefir home. All you need is a kefir culture starter and some milk. Over-ripe kefir is an interesting variation.

Cultured buttermilk

Buttermilk it what is left when making butter. It’s lighter than yogurt and is great in smoothies. But it excels in everything baked as it promotes a good rise of the dough. Fermented buttermilk is tangier.

Cultured butter

Fermented butter has a creamy and more “buttery” taste, and when preparing it yourself you can make it just the way you love it. I sometimes add herbs or chili which also looks appealing.


Raw cheddar
Cheddar is our favorite

Lassi is an Asian raw yogurt drink traditionally enjoyed before dinner. Try the unsweetened kind and add fruit, berries or herbs to enhance the flavor—mango, strawberries, saffron are superb additions. When visiting Turkey, we were offered a similar drink called ayran or laban. It is yogurt mixed with cold water and sometimes a little salt that tastes very refreshing in the summer.

Make good choices

Wherever you live, you can probably find fermented dairy products that are both healthy and tasty.