Sourdough Starter Recipe | Just Flour & Water

Sourdough Starter Recipe | Just Flour & Water

A sourdough starter recipe cannot be simpler. A good starter is essential if you want to make sourdough bread. I bake sourdough breads regularly as I really enjoy the taste and texture. And sourdough starter recipes are very simple. What is a sourdough starter? A sourdough starter is used instead of commercial yeast for baking bread….

What Is Sourdough Bread? Learn the Basics

What is sourdough bread and how can you make it at home? The ingredients are very simple, just water and flour. Microorganisms that are naturally present on grains will ferment the bread. The chemical processes involved in this are intriguing. Water and flour form an astonishing number of interconnected chemical compounds that is still not fully…

Focaccia Sourdough Bread Recipe

This post explain how to make the Italian Focaccia sourdough bread version. My wife is an excellent baker with long experience and her sourdough Focaccia is fabulous. This Focaccia sourdough bread recipe creates a bread which is slightly elastic with a rich flavor. Focaccia is originally not a sourdough bread but is baked on standard yeast, white flour, olive oil, sea…